List Formats

Don’t worry. Our 3 easy-to-use list formats guarantee that you’ll be able to use your mailing list, or we’ll give you your money back.

Excel / CSV File 

  • Instant download after purchase
  • Save to your computer
  • Email it to your colleagues or printer
  • Do a Mail-Merge
  • Upload into your CRM
  • No extra cost


PDF Mailing Label Format

  • Print labels quickly & easily yourself or at home or in your office
  • Chat/Call/Email us to request this format after purchase
  • Save it to your computer
  • Email it to your colleagues or printer
  • No extra cost







Printed & Shipped Mailing Labels

  • Save time, and let us print & ship printed mailing labels to you!
  • See Mailing Label Prices on the Mailing List Pricing page.
  • Call us to place your order: 1 866 306 8674


List Formats FAQs

Will my printer be able to use the mailing lists CSV format?

Yes. This format is used by printers 24/7. You can easily email this to your printer of choice.

Can you add "Or Current Resident" to the PDF format for printing labels myself?

Yes we can. Just give us the order number and tell us you want "Or Current Resident" added and we will email the PDF to you.

Is there a charge for the PDF format and is there a charge for adding "Or Current Resident" to it?

No charge for emailing a print ready for labels PDF to you. This is a free service. There is also no charge for adding "Or Current resident" to the PDF.

Can we help you?

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